A Red Yod on Pentacles Six?

Tarotkaart Pentakels Zes uit het Rider-Waite-Smith Tarotdeck

If you look closely at Tarot card the Six of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you will see a small red ‘label’ near the pocket of the beggar with the blue cloak. What does this red ‘thing’ means? Is it a Yod? Or something else?

A Yod?

When you do a bit of research, the most common theory seems to be that this is indeed a red Yod;

The Hebrew letter 'Yod'

The Yod symbolizes “a blessing from god” or “the creative hand of god.” This would mean that the beggar in the blue cloak would not get the money, as he is already able to support himself. After all, he has the power of the creative hand of God in his pocket. Is he aware of this? The fact that the Yod is red could mean that it is not a gift, but that he has to take action in order to be able to use this creativity. (Red is the color of action or will).

The red 'label' near the pocket of the beggar in Tarot Card Pentacles six

Another possibility is that the beggar with the blue cloak does not receive any money, because he  has been “blessed” in some other way; The man in the yellow cloak gets the money, but the man in the blue cloak gets something else. Something like ‘Lucky at cards, unlucky in love’  ????

A Ticket?

While searching for meanings and symbols, I came across other Tarot blogs where it was suggested that the red ‘thing’ could be a theater or lottery ticket sticking out of the beggar’s pocket.

According to one of the authors, the theatre ticket could symbolize the beggar is not a real beggar, but an actor. The “Rich” man who donates the money is aware of this, and therfore he gives the money to the other beggar.

On a Tarot Discussion forum, I found a discussion in which someone stated that the red thing was a lottery ticket. Again, it was suggested that the ‘rich’ man knows that the beggar with the (winning) lottery ticket does not need the money and therefore makes the donation to the other beggar. I like the ‘ticket’ theory but also think it’s a bit far-fetched. Although… a lottery ticket can be compared to a ‘Yod’

There are also Tarot readers who claim that it is just a label or a patch. But I don’t believe that either. Both Waite and Smith didn’t do anything lightly! Every stroke of the pen has been thought through. I couldn’t find much about it either in books or online. But who knows, maybe I’ll come across some more extensive info someday!

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