My name is Paola Cecco and I live in The Hague. During my psychology studies in Leiden, I learned about archetypes, Jung and the Tarot in the clinical psychology lectures. I was immediately fascinated and decided that I wanted to know more about these topics. However, it took a few more years before I really started to actively study the Tarot and all related matters. And there are many of them, because the Tarot is so rich in symbolism that you could not even master it in 1 lifetime.

As I studied the Tarot, I came into contact with all kind of cartomancy systems such as Vera Sibilla, Lenormand, Falnama, Belline and Playing Cards. It is so interesting and above all much fun! I would also like to pass on my knowledge (and enthusiasm) to others about this fascinating subject.

I create courses and workshops and I am still studying the Tarot and all kinds of creative ways to apply the Tarot. This is what my blog is about. I believe that the Tarot is universal and has something to offer to everyone regardless of his or her time, culture, or religious beliefs.

I believe that everyone can use this instrument for themselves to grow and develop, and also that you are allowed to play and have fun using Tarot cards. You don’t have to take everything so seriously, laugh and learn. Follow your feelings, use your mind and extract the insights that are “new”, fun or important to you.

I think it’s a pity that there are people who misuse the Tarot in order to delude others. My goal is to try and contribute to the improvement of the image of the Tarot, by sharing knowledge and showing in how many ways we are able to learn things about ourselves and the world through the Tarot.

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