The Number and Nature of Those Things…

In order to really ‘feel’ Tarot cards, it is important to delve into the elements.  I’ve done that a lot and actually I still do.  I never get tired of the books and illustrations of the ancient alchemists and can often spend hours in them. Admittedly, some things go way over my head, but practice makes perfect! 

I often try to incorporate the work of the old alchemists and occultists into my study material;  I translate and interpret where I can so that students that do not have much time to delve into archaic texts can also get acquainted with the work of these pioneers of science.

In 1 of the 3 books on occult philosophy of Agrippa, I came across the following.  It is an excerpt from a poem by Publius Vergilius Maro, a famous Roman poet who lived from 70 to 19 BC.  I like to share it and hope to make you curious too!

Excerpt of the poem of Publius Vergilius

The Game Genie of Tarot

According to the bible, Moses received the two stone tablets with 10  commandments of God on Mount Sinai.  Not only did the Tablets contain valuable information on how to behave, they were written by God’s own finger!  According to Jewish tradition, God also gave him the complete Jewish Bible + interpretation. 

Do Forget those tablets, forget that Bible.  Because according to the Talmud, Moses also received a goodie bag from a number of Angels with a few presents in it.  And they are many times more interesting!  Moreover, 1 of those presents leads us to Ace of Swords in the Tarot …

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